Walking Groups

  • Ever wondered how you would train your dog to walk calmly on the lead?

  • Does your dog know the etiquette of saying 'Hi' nicely?

  • How on earth do you get your dog back when that squirrel is teasing him?

  • Been to other classes but don't know how to interpret the training into everyday life?

To answer these questions and many more then join us in our group classes.

We cater for everyone.

With our Puppy Classes, socialise and train your pup in a focused and specially designed class that will help you work at your own pace and allow your pup to learn in it's own time. Find out how to settle an over excited pup, focus him from distractions and teach him the basic commands he will need in most situations.

In our Adult Obedience Class, refocus your distracted dog, teach him to control his own impulses and strengthen his knowledge of obedience. this class is ideal for rescued/ rehomed dogs, or dogs that have lost there way on the learning ladder.

​Follow on with our Rally/ Heelwork to Music/ Trick Training Classes. These can push your dogs knowledge and obedience beyond day to day obedience. Continuing the training of your dog can reinforce the basic training you have done, continue to build on the bond that you are sharing and broaden your knowledge of what you dog is capable of.

All our classes are small, and run indoors for reduced distraction rates and improved learning environment. Using a room in the Gateway Centre in centre of Launceston, we are accessible to all.

Flyball has been running in Cornwall for over 4 years. I started it as I loved the concept of Flyball and thought my dog would love it.

I couldn't find any classes! So with plenty of research, and jumping one of the teams at crufts, I got started.

It has gone strength to strength and now has spread throughout Cornwall, with people splintering off and forming their own clubs. However we remain the only BFA registered club in Cornwall to have a dog trainer at the helm!

We train throughout Cornwall and for more information you can visit the clubs site on www.ddflyballclub.co.uk

​These groups are intended to stretch a dogs learning and socialisation ​further than you would normally get in a group class. Designed to increase the level of distraction through each week, the course is tailor made to work on problems you would have while outside in the real life of exercising your dog. They will help you to translate the classroom learning into the real world and improve your hndling techniques to enable you and your dog to enjoy walking together.

Using local woodlands, parks and beaches, the training venue changes each week.

Group Classes


One to One

Not all dogs, or their owners, are ready to step out the door and face the world while too many issues still bog them down.

Are you fed up of people's stares as your dog once again hauls you down the road, embarrassed of people's sighs as your dog races around ignoring your pleas to return or avoiding others' eyes because he just won't go to the toilet outside?

Or are you afraid your dog may bite another, cause a fight?

Has your dog got fear issues? Terrified of 'normal' things in the outside world?

Ever wondered what triggers that bout of barking, saliva flying, lunging at the end of the lead?

One to One training caters for all those that feel unable to join group classes, whether its a transport problem, or your dog just isn't that sociable yet.

With a half price consultation session to get to know the trainer and discuss what you want from the training and a personalised training plan that incorporates your abilities and daily routine, training your dog to be that perfect companion couldn't be easier