Due to circumstances you may not be able to give your dog the exercise it needs. Whether old or young most dogs need a couple of walks a day and being able to get them out enough can sometimes be a problem. Perhaps you’ve got to go to a wedding or maybe it’s your best mates birthday, or even just something as mundane as your work hours have changed.

If you need your dog walking just the once or regularly, for half an hour or 3hours I will do them all.

No shortcuts. I time my walks from the time I leave your door to the time I gat back to your door. If I should take the dog in my car to the nearest beach or park then I will time the walk from the car to car. That way you and your dog are getting the best of the time that is allocated.

I know a lot of the local footpaths and bridleways so can cater the walks for the dogs’ requirements and can tailor the walks accordingly.

As a qualified dog trainer, you can be assured that your dog will not be put into situations that it will not be happy in, nor will be pushed beyond its comfortable boundries. As an added extra, minor training can be undertaken while on the walks. Dog pulls like a train? Sorted!

Reactive dog that other walkers won't take? Covered.

Lack of recall? We'll get your dog back!!

With this service you can be sure that you will be getting the most out of the money you spend, and the best quality service that can be offered in the area.

With local links to other walkers, you can also be sure, that should I be unable to do a time, or have time off, I can put your dog with others who can be trusted to treat your dog in the same way that he will have got used to during walks with me.