One to Ones are a great way to get that special treatment that you may need to get for your dog. With the undivided attention of the dog trainer giving you all of her knowledge and helping you through all the issues it will be difficult to feel that you can do more for your pet.

Dog Training as you've never known it before!

Here at EC Canines we help you train your dog to be the companion or furbaby that you have always longed for.

Using patience and the latest in dog knowledge we can train your dog the way dogs are meant to be trained. No more forceful techniques or gadgets, EC Canines will allow your dog to be itself while teaching it how to behave.

Your pet is family. 

Would you love to do some form of activity that involves lots of fun?

Think your dog may be too disobedient?

It doesn't matter. In fact the more disobedient the better.

Come along to Flyball for a bit of weekly madness


One to One
Group Classes

​Classes offered in Launceston.

Pesky Puppy? Join us for puppy socialisation and basic obedience training.

Unruly Adult? Come along for obedience training to settle and encourage your dog to be happy and well behaved.

Want more? Further your dogs knowledge with our Heelwork to Music / Rally classes